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Sui Southern Gas Company SSGC Jobs. Sui Southern Gas Company, formerly known as Sui Gas Transmission Company Limited, is a Pakistani natural gas supply company based in Karachi, Pakistan. Pakistan’s top comprehensive public limited natural gas utility company is Sui Southern Gas Company SSGC. Most of the company’s shares are owned by the Government of Pakistan, both directly and indirectly. In addition to installing high-pressure transmission and low-pressure distribution networks in the franchise areas of Sindh and Balochistan, SSGC has been involved in the movement and distribution of natural gas. As a downstream business, the company purchases gas in large quantities from over 24 domestic and international exploration and production (E&P) firms in order to feed its franchise territories.

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Last Date:17 June 2024

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  • --Senior Management/ Leadership--

How to Apply for Sui Southern Gas Company SSGC Jobs:

  • Send their applications online at
  • It is strongly encouraged for women to apply as the SSGC is an equal opportunity workplace. There will be a contract arrangement for the employment. The SSGC Head Office is the location for all of these roles.
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