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Sindh Police Jobs In order to fulfill its purpose, the Sindh Police is committed to offering the best possible service with the utmost quality, grounded in the values of justice, truthfulness, honesty, and reverence for human dignity. Napier established a separate, independent police force whose only goals were upholding law and order as well as preventing and identifying criminal activity. Therefore, it was proposed that the district officer should have oversight over the police and judicial branches of government.

Education:Graduation, MBBS
Company:Sindh Police
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Last Date:20 June 2024

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  • --Senior Trainer--
  • --Instructor Civilian--
  • --Junior Trainer--
  • --Medical Officer--

What to Do for Apply in Sindh Police Jobs

  • Online inquiries are accepted from applicants via the Sindh Police at
  • The application document can be downloaded by applicants from the above URL and submitted to the Commandant of the Sindh Police's Special Security Unit (SSU) in Karachi.
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