Punjab Information Technology Board PITB Jobs

Punjab Information Technology Board PITB Jobs. The cornerstone of Punjab’s creative economy is provided by the provincial government of Punjab’s independent Punjab Information Technology Board. In addition to upgrading government practices through transparency-driven means, the Board’s many other services include raising citizens’ levels of digital literacy. PITB is dedicated to providing facilities and IT services to local and international enterprises as well as the government in an efficient and effective way.

Company:Punjab Information Technology Board  
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Last Date:14 Apr 2024

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  • --Senior Data Engineer--
  • --Senior Mobile App Developer--
  • --Senior Programe Manager--
  • --Senior Software Engineer--
  • --Senior Software Quality Assurane Engineer--
  • --Admin Officer--
  • --Assistant Programme Officer--
  • --Associate Software Engineer--
  • --Business Analyst/Programme Officer--
  • --Business Development Officer--
  • --Communication and Design Strategist--
  • --Data Entry Operator--
  • --Data Science Developer--
  • --Data Scientist--
  • --Database Administrator--
  • --Digital Marketing Strategist--
  • --Divisional/District IT Coordinator--
  • --ETL Developer--
  • --Evaluation Specialist--
  • --Finance Officer--
  • --Front End Developer--
  • --GIS Specialist--
  • --Graphic Designer--
  • --Information Security Specialist--
  • --Inventory Supervisor--
  • --IT Specialist--
  • --Joint Director--
  • --Manager Finance--
  • --MLS Ops Engineer--
  • --Mobile Software App Developer--
  • --Principal Software Engineer--
  • --Procurement Officer--
  • --Programme Manager--
  • --Programme Officer--
  • --Quality Assurance Engineer--
  • --Research Associate--
  • --Resident Engineer--
  • --Software Engineer--
  • --Software Quality Assurance Engineer--
  • --Solution Architect--
  • --Sr. Network/System Officer--
  • --Technical Content Writer--
  • --UI/UX Desgner--
  • --Network Engineer--
  • --Network System Engineer/Officer--
  • --Network Technician--
  • --Office Assistant--
  • --Officer Receivable--

What to Do for Apply in Punjab Information Technology Board PITB Jobs:

  • On the PITB Jobs Portal, https://jobs.punjab.gov.pk interested parties can apply and review the positions specific qualifications, requirements for experience, and job descriptions.
  • Applications submitted by email, courier, walk-in, or in person will not be accepted.
  • Applicants for government and semi-government jobs should use the appropriate application process.
Punjab Information Technology Board PITB Jobs