Public Sector Organization PO Box Jobs

Public Sector Organization PO Box Jobs. The daily newspaper has published this job advertisement. Please refer to this post for any news relating to jobs in the Islamabad Public Sector Organization. To fill these vacant positions, applicants from qualified, dynamic, energetic and motivated individuals are invited. The recruitment will be carried out during a temporary period. Candidates shall be able to provide services for the public sector organisation across the country.

Education:Bachelor, Intermediate, Literate, Primary
Company:Public Sector Organization 
Group 1 
Group 2
Group 3
Last Date:04 June 2024

We received the Public Sector Organization PO Box Jobs Advertisement today. Get Latest Update Public Sector Organization PO Box Jobs from this website page. Your first and current job is a great starting point for figuring out what you want to do next. So, what are you waiting for? Get to work with Public Sector Organization. Public Sector Organization is a dynamic and thriving company that values innovation and creativity. We're doing everything we can to provide excellence in every service and product, which is why we are looking for qualified individuals who will help us achieve our objectives. Public Sector Organization mission is to provide its staff with a supportive, innovative working environment, an attractive package and opportunities for professional development. We believe in diversity and inclusion as well as the pursuit of an inclusive culture.


  • --Assistant Manager Finance--
  • --Janitor--
  • --Assistant Admin--
  • --Officer Attendant--
  • --Telephone Operator--
  • --Dispatch Rider--
  • --LDC--
  • --Naib Qasid--
  • --Chowkidar--

What to Do for Apply in Public Sector Organization PO Box Jobs:

  • Applications shall be submitted within 15 days of the expiry of the time limit.
  • Candidate send their applications through the postal services to P.O. Box No. 551, GPO, Islamabad.
PO BOX 551 public sector organization