Pakistan Single Window PSW Jobs

Pakistan Single Window PSW Jobs. The PSW has published a recruitment notice for workers with enthusiasm, motivation and high qualifications. It has a head office in Islamabad. There’s a regional head office in Karachi. A new trading system, allowing trade and transport related parties to enter Standard Information and Documents at the same Entry Point for import, export or transit is PSW Pakistan Single Window.

Education:Bachelor, Master
Location:Sindh, Islamabad
Company:Pakistan Single Window
Group 1 
Group 2
Group 3
Last Date:10 May 2023

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  • --Deputy Manager Customer Service--
  • --Principal Database Administrator--
  • --Principal Database Developer--
  • --Principal Software Engineer--
  • --Principal Software Engineer II--
  • --AM Talent Acquisition & Engagement--
  • --Analyst Software Engineer--
  • --Associate Database Administrator--
  • --Associate IT Business/Analyst--
  • --Associate Software Architect--
  • --Database Architect--
  • --Database Engineer--
  • --IS Risk Assessment Specialist--
  • --IT Business Analyst--
  • --Lead Software Engineer--
  • --Lead SQA Engineer--
  • --Manager SQA--
  • --Network Engineer--
  • --Podcast Host--
  • --Project Manager--
  • --Risk Manager IRMS--
  • --Social Media Specialist--
  • --Software Architect--
  • --Software Engineer--
  • --Software Engineer III--
  • --Software Engineer Development--
  • --Software Engineer Frontend--
  • --Software Engineer II--
  • --Software Support Engineer--
  • --SQA Analyst--
  • --SQA Analyst II--
  • --SQA Analyst III--
  • --Staff Business Analyst--
  • --System Analyst--
  • --System Associate--
  • --Talent Acquisition Employment Engagement Specialist--
  • --UI Designer--
  • --UX Designer--
  • --Business Analyst--
  • --Communication Manager--
  • --Communication Officer--

What to Do for Apply in Pakistan Single Window PSW Jobs:

  • Applications in the career section of the PSW may be submitted online at
  • The applications may be submitted by professionals in fifteen days.
  • The applicant may also send his or her CV to by email.
Pakistan Single Window PSW