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Pakistan Coast Guards PCG Jobs A rare blend of sea and inland based troops serving under a single command is the Pakistan Coast Guard PCG. Besides means of operations on the ground surface, it possesses in its inventory vessels and maritime equipment. This unique combination gives rise to the force capacities and competences of carrying out operations both on land and at sea. Such an extraordinary union distinguishes the PCG from other security undertakings and law enforcement agencies that operate or have operations in coastal areas, both land and sea.

Education:MBBS, FCPS
Company:Pakistan Coast Guards 
Group 1 
Group 2
Group 3
Last Date:20 Nov 2023

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  • --Civilian Medical Officers--

What to Do for Apply in Pakistan Coast Guards PCG Jobs

  • Candidates shall have undergone an initial physical test, written tests, medical examinations, a final selection and appointment letter before being recruited by the Pakistan Coast Guard.
  • Pakistan Coast Guard is seeking to employ male civilian medical officers. For former Army officers, the age restriction is forty-five, whereas it is twenty-five to thirty-five for civilians. Candidates may apply for this post if they hold an FCPS or MBBS degree. Those who are interested must have finished a household assignment.
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Pakistan Coast Guards PCG jobs