NDRMF internship Program FY2023-24

NDRMF internship Program FY2023-24. The NDRMF is a government owned notforprofit institution, registered with the Securities and Exchanges Authority of Pakistan in accordance with Section 42. In order to finance a range of structural and nonstructural interventions to be carried out by UN agencies, international and national NGOs, as well as public sector bodies, the Fund shall be established as a nonbank financial intermediary with a corporate structure whose aim is to provide funding through matching grants of up to 70%.

Company:National Disaster Risk Management Fund
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Group 2
Group 3
Last Date:31 Aug 2023

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What to Do for Apply in NDRMF internship Program FY2023-24:

  • To request an internship, interested applicants may fill in a form available at the NDRMF website at https://www.ndrmf.pk/career/ there is a section dedicated to careers.
  • Further evaluation and interview will only be made available to those who have been selected.
  • NDRMF shall be entitled to defer or revoke any recruitment procedure for a position without giving a reason at any stage.
NDRMF internship Program FY2023-24