Lahore Electric Supply Company LESCO Jobs

Lahore Electric Supply Company LESCO Jobs. In Pakistan, the provision of electricity was first handled by a variety of public and commercial organizations in various regions. The Water and Power Development Authority was established by the WAPDA Act to allow for the unified and integrated creation of the water and power resources. The local area WAPDA regions were in charge of providing the local area electricity distribution operations.

Education:LLB, LLM, Master, MBA
Company:Lahore Electric Supply Company 
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Last Date:03 June 2024

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  • --Chief Human Resource and Carer Planning Officer--
  • --Chief Information Technology Officer--
  • --Chief Supply Chain Management Officer--
  • --Chief Technical/Engineering Advisor--
  • --Company Secretary--
  • --Chief Legal Officer--
  • --Chief Commercial Advisor--

What to Do for Apply in Lahore Electric Supply Company LESCO Jobs:

  • This advertisement is available on LESCO official website, which is located at
  • The hiring Panel will be the one to make this appointment. The Application Forms are available for download by applicants via the provided link.
  • Forms for applications with the necessary data, resumes, and supporting documentation should be sent to the HR Director at LESCO, 22-A Queens Road, Lahore.
Lahore Electric Supply Company LESCO Jobs