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Junaid Jamshed Jobs j. careers. Our range of clothing features modest detailing to reflect the latest trends in fashion. The designs are inspired by the Renaissance, Aztec, Fusion, Arabian and other styles. The brand, which believes it’s Soully East, began out of humble beginnings. We’re moving forward in the portfolio with even more decorative touches and we have an extensive customer base all over the world.

Education:Master, DAE, Bachelor, MBA, BBA, ACCA
Company:Junaid Jamshed Limited
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Group 3
Last Date:17 Aug 2023

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  • --Deputy Manager Digital--
  • --Senior Executive Corporate Sales--
  • --Deputy Manager Accounts Payable--
  • --Production & Planning Manager--
  • --Maintenance Officer--
  • --Audit Executive / Officer--
  • --Costing Executive--

What to Do for Apply in Junaid Jamshed Jobs j. careers:

  • Please forward your profile to careers@junaidjamshed.com with the job title in subject line of email.
  • J. promises to evolve as the world progresses, making sure that all customers around the globe are presented with the best it can offer.
Junaid Jamshed Jobs j. careers