Islamabad High Court IHC Jobs 2023

Islamabad High Court IHC Jobs 2023. The area is located on the Potohar plateau, which has historically served as a crossroads between Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhaphwa with Margalla Pass leading from one region into the other. In order to replace Karachi as Pakistan’s capital, a city had been built. The area is considered to have been the first place of human civilization in Asia, since ancient times. As the youngest High Court in the country, the principle of compliance with the law should be the sole criterion for any judicial system to apply to the Islamabad High Court. In order to achieve that goal, IHC has made great progress. It has made considerable progress in applying fundamental rights, as well as injudicating public and private litigation promptly. In conformity with the law, the Institution shall continue its efforts to provide quick justice for all without fear.

Education:Matric, Bachelor, LLB
Location:Punjab, Islamabad
Company:Islamabad High Court
Group 1 
Group 2
Group 3
Last Date:16 Sep 2023

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  • --Personal Assistant--
  • --Law Clerk--
  • --Lift Operator--

What to Do for Apply in Islamabad High Court IHC Jobs 2023:

  • Applications and the conditions of reference shall be obtained from the Deputy Registrar Administration Islamabad High Court, G5 Islamabad or via the website
  • Application submitted by hand registered postal or email at addressed to the Deputy Registrar Admin Islamabad High Court Constitutional Avenue, G-5/1 Islamabad.
Islamabad High Court IHC Jobs 2023