Federal Public Service Commission FPSC Jobs

Federal Public Service Commission FPSC Jobs. The Federal Public Service Commission, which is responsible for recruiting civil servants and officials of the Government of Pakistan, is a federal agency of the Government of Pakistan. The Commission, in the course of general recruitments, conducts written tests to assess candidates relative technical and professional competence. For written tests, Syllabus shall be uploaded to FPSC website under heading Tests and Interviews ahead of the test schedule.

Education:Bachelor, B.Ed, M.Ed, Master
Company:Federal Public Service Commission 
Group 1 
Group 2
Group 3
Last Date:18 Mar 2024

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  • --Director (Water & Hydropower)--
  • --Deputy Chief--
  • --Director HRDC--
  • --Secondary School Teacher (Male/Female)--
  • --Range Forest Officer--
  • --Quality Management Representative--
  • --Physical Training Instructor (Male)--
  • --Appraising/Valuation Officer--
  • --ENT Specialist--
  • --Demonstrator (Male)--
  • --Data Processing Assistant--
  • --Civil Medical Officer--
  • --Assistant Security Officer--
  • --Assistant Director--
  • --Assistant Chief--

What to Do for Apply in Federal Public Service Commission FPSC Jobs Advertisement No. 3/2024:

  • Before submitting applications, candidates should refer to the general instructions which are available on the FPSC website.
  • Applications shall be made available on https://www.fpsc.gov.pk for submission online.
  • Once the closing date has been reached, applicants will be able to update their applications online.