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Faisal Town Private Limited Jobs faisaltown.com.pk. Thanks to the Blessings of Allah the Almighty, Faisal Town Pvt. Ltd, together with its affiliated businesses ZEDEM Global Pvt Ltd, Margalla City Pvt Ltd, and CAM Building Pvt.Ltd, has become known throughout Pakistan for producing top-notch, cutting-edge housing projects. A strong group is necessary to accomplish any major undertaking. Professionalism demands competency sets to complete tasks and assignments as well as an ethical approach to work. We are fortunate to have a group of professionals who are extremely knowledgeable, competent, and proficient in their particular fields of expertise.

Education:Bachelor, DAE, Intermediate, MA, Matric, MBA, Middle
Company:Faisal Town
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Last Date:06 Dec 2023

We received the Faisal Town Private Limited Jobs faisaltown.com.pk Advertisement today. Get Latest Update Faisal Town Private Limited Jobs faisaltown.com.pk from this website page. Your first and current job is a great starting point for figuring out what you want to do next. So, what are you waiting for? Get to work with Faisal Town. Faisal Town Private Limited is a dynamic and thriving company that values innovation and creativity. We're doing everything we can to provide excellence in every service and product, which is why we are looking for qualified individuals who will help us achieve our objectives. Faisal Town Private Limited mission is to provide its staff with a supportive, innovative working environment, an attractive package and opportunities for professional development. We believe in diversity and inclusion as well as the pursuit of an inclusive culture.


  • --Deputy Manager Procurement--
  • --CCTV Operator--
  • --Field Surveyor--
  • --Mobile Crane Operator--
  • --PA to Director--
  • --Receptionist--
  • --Security Guard--
  • --Driver--
  • --Electrician--

What to Do for Apply in Faisal Town Private Limited Jobs faisaltown.com.pk:

  • For these jobs, either men and women are eligible to apply. Job seekers in Rawalpindi are advised to review this career notification and follow the instructions.
  • Applicant send email for apply job at careers@faisaltown.com.pk.
  • Applicants may show up in person for the interview and test. The advertisement includes a timetable of tests and interviews. Applicants need to show up on the specified days.
Faisal Town Private Limited Jobs faisaltown.com.pk