Describe Shark Tank Season 2

In India, the television show “Shark Tank” is a popular show that allows startup companies to present their businesses to a panel of wealthy investors, who then decide whether or not to invest in the businesses. The show is now in its second season, and it has been a huge success in India.
The show has been a great platform for Indian startups to get exposure and funding. It has also been a great way for the Indian audience to learn about new businesses and startups.
If you are interested in learning about Indian startups, then you should definitely watch Shark Tank season 2!

“Shark Tank” returns to India for a second season, showcasing some of the country’s most promising startups. The show provides a platform for entrepreneurs to pitch their business ideas to a panel of investors, in the hopes of securing funding and mentorship.

This season features a wide range of businesses, from a startup that makes natural fibre Judo mats, to a company that produces healthy energy drinks. As always, the sharks will be evaluating the businesses on their investment potential, and there will be plenty of drama and suspense along the way.

So tune in and catch all the action from the new season of “Shark Tank India“!

It was a long wait but SonyLiv India has finally announced that the second season of Shark Tank India will start airing from 5th October 2019. The show which is based on the American show with the same name, features a panel of successful investors who are on the lookout for opportunities to invest in new businesses.

The first season of Shark Tank India was a huge success and it featured some really innovative businesses. One of the businesses that was featured on the show was a company that makes eco-friendly and biodegradable sanitary pads. The company managed to get an investment of 7.5 million rupees from investor Rakesh Jhunjhunwala.

This time around, the show will have a few changes. One of the biggest changes is that the show will now be airing on SonyLiv, which is an online streaming platform. This means that people from all over the world will be able to watch the show and see how businesses fare in India.

Another change is that the minimum investment amount has been increased from 5 million rupees to 10 million rupees. This is because the investors on the show feel that the businesses that they are being presented with are more mature and have more potential than the businesses in the first season.

Apart from these changes, the format of the show will remain the same. The businesses that will be pitching on the show will be given a time limit of 3 minutes to make their pitch. They will then have to answer questions from the investors.

In 2017, the show was franchised to Sony Pictures Television and premiered in India. The Indian version of Shark Tank is called “Sony liv Shark Tank India”. The show features a panel of Indian investors, who listen to entrepreneurs’ elevator pitches in order to decide whether to invest in their business venture.

The second season of Shark Tank premiered on SonyLiv on October 1, 2016. The season features a new crop of entrepreneurs pitching their businesses to a panel of investors, known as “sharks.”

This season, the sharks are more aggressive than ever, and the entrepreneurs must be prepared to defend their businesses. Some of the standout businesses include a company that makes eco-friendly down jackets, a wellness company that sells organic juices, and a fashion startup that sells clothes made from recycled materials. The entrepreneurs must be prepared to face the sharks’ tough questions, and they will need to prove that their businesses are worth investing in. Season 2 of Shark Tank is sure to be an exciting one.